Hotel in Koh Phangan (410 Records)

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From five stars hotels to the most minor hotels, SoiDB tries to present all accommodation in the city.

This page is to provide maximum choices for people who search hotel in Thailand. We define 'hotel' broadly as 'any accommodation provider which offers daily rates for private rooms with en-suite bathroom', and our team tries to list every establishment which comes under this criteria. All information in our contents is SoiDB original, and you can find many hotels which are not listed on other sites. For each hotel, we supply photos, contact info., service, facilities, room feature, and pricing information. One of the unique feature of SoiDB is that we provide three types of room rate: rack rate (or walk-in rate), direct internet rate by hotel, and discounted rate by our partner booking site. In general, room rates get cheaper in that order, while flexibility to cancel decrease. We think that the three types of rate give you more choice and flexibility for your travel plan, though these rates on SoiDB are reference only and may not be bookable at the time of your stay. SoiDB also shows detailed geographic presentation about hotel location and surrounding area. This feature is unique to SoiDB since it is possible only by our extensive sets of POI data.

In addition to hotel, Inn, and Lodge, Our list includes the following types of accommodation.
-Serviced Apartments with daily rates.   *For monthly rates, please check [Serviced Apartment]
-Apartment with daily rates.   *For monthly rates, please check [Apartment]
-Motel/Short-Time Hotel
*Bangkok Only: We include Guest House that mainly offers private rooms with en-suite bathroom.

The information contained in this website is for general information purposes only, and we make no warranties about the completeness and accuracy of the information. Any reliance you place on such information is strictly at your own risk.
-Service/Facilities information are based on what we understand from hotel's official website/brochure/interview.
-Room Rates on SoiDB are static data we sampled on the day of our research, they may be incomplete and outdated.
 Please contact hotel directly for current rates and room availability.
-SoiDB has no booking facility. For reservation, please contact hotel directly or go to our partner booking site
-Since our hotel list is all-inclusive, some of the hotels on SoiDB may not be suitable to people who have no background in Thailand.

Well, SoiDB is quite different from regular hotel booking sites in many respects. Our contents are best suited to people who have background in Thailand.


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