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www.soidb.com is a free web resource for people exploring Thailand and Laos. This site covers hotels, apartments, restaurants, shopping malls and much more. On the topics we cover, we try to provide with the most complete information for tourists, expats, and locals. We have covered 8 cities in Thailand 4 cities in Laos so far.

Introducing SoiDB"Soi" means side street or alley in Thai language, and "DB" stands for database. We conduct soi by soi research to make the largest POI (Point of Interest) resource for Thai cities.
Extreme CoverageWe go out in the field everyday, walking through seemingly countless sois to list various POIs such as hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, local markets, and so on. As of May 2016, the number of registered POIs reached 25,000 in Bangkok, and 5,000 in Pattaya. SoiDB is the largest in Bangkok-Pattaya guide sites in terms of the number of POIs listed.
Useful InformationIn addition to basic contact info such as name, address, official URL, and operating hours, SoiDB provides appropriate information respective to each POI type (e.g. room rate/service/facilities for hotel, entrance fee for tourist facility, monthly fee/facilities for sports club, etc.). These information make our content useful and differentiate SoiDB from ordinary directory service and link collection sites.
Feature Rich
Search Function
On the respective POI type page, You can search your point of interest by name, area, nearest station, facilities, subtype, and more. We plan to enhance search functionality so that you can search/browse more easily and reliably out of our vast sets of POIs.
Super Accurate MapSoiDB provides Google Map based interactive map for each POI. When You find your point of interest on SoiDB, you are also provided with nearby info. We try to be extremely precise in setting longitude/latitude to POIs. It is our pride to see every marker accurately pointing to the front entrance of building. In addition, We add polygon to almost all POIs so that you can tell building/land shape of your POI.
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If you have found SoiDB useful, then please consider linking to this website. Linking to any page on this site would be greatly appreciated.

Our Mission

By building extensive, detailed, updated, and searchable POI(Point of Interest) lists , We try to offer you with the most complete information on the topics we cover. We want our site to be your first choice for exploring Thailand and Laos. In achieving this, we gather and update information through various channels.

Our Team

We have teams conducting soi by soi research and interview out on the field. Detailed information from this channel is what set us apart.

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