Oot-Ni Art Gallery

Type: Store
Sub-Type: Gallery
Area: Downtown
Address: 306, Rue Samsenethai, Vientiane
Hour: No Info.
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Since: No Info.
TEL: 021-214-359
SoiDB Ranking:  #2  of 141 Store in Vientiane
Last month's unique visitors: 7 [Sep/2019]
Oot Ni Gallery (A Review by a SoiDB Reader)

Mainly specializing in antiques and painting, this shop showcases a nice collection of antique from Laos and South East Asia .
I did appreciate this shop, as compare to other antique shop, where, they always try to sell antique when it is not (or fake), I felt that at this shop, the seller are quiet franck.
I also appreciate the drawing and painting, which is very poor in Laos compare to Thailand . Therefore, I like to support this gallery.
This gallery is very easy to find, on Sasemthai Road , just after the famous Sayoh Bar & Grill.

Type of Products:
Antique, Ancient handicraft, Drawings, Painting.

I feel it is quiet reasonable compare to other antique shop in town, which really exaggerate sometime !

The Gallery is located on the main street of Samsenthai.
From National Cultural Hall, then you will see the Sayoh Bar & Grill –which make the corner) then next it Kine Dum Coffee Bar and next will be Oot-Ni Gallery.

Open every day
Create:11/Apr/2010  Update:12/Sep/2011
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